Keep Calm and Carry On

Two Thumbs Up

Rachael and I ~ celebrating the moment and feeling pretty elated with the progress we've made on a conference room remodel we've been working on.  Our goal was to create an inspiring meeting room without the typical corporate feel.  This project was a challenge because of the teeny tiny budget we had to work with.  We still need to add a few more accessories and put a few final touches on it, but for the most part we're there.
 The yard sale dresser that cost $20.00.  It was missing a drawer so I fitted it with a burlap curtain that I whipped up to fill the space ~ one of our favorite things!  The dresser will act as a buffet for serving coffee and snacks and will also provide some much needed storage.
The hanging pendants were created from some inexpensive baskets purchased from Ikea.  The curtains ~ fashioned from painter's drop cloths bought at Home Depot.
The space required a large working table ~ this great farm table came from Collected Treasures.  We gave it an additional coat of bright white paint.
The stand came from Lots of Furniture ~ a real bargain at $5.00.  And the sign says it all ~ a slogan fitting for any meeting room.
Clean lines ~ simplicity with function ~ a place to roll up your sleeves and get some work done.
The completed space (well almost but we couldn't wait any longer to share the pics!).