farm table

House Tour ~ Dining Room

I want to share some photos that will give a better understanding of how my dining room is laid out.  When we moved here eleven years ago, this space served as a den/family room and trust me ~ it was not a pretty sight.  It had dated wallpaper, dark paneling and popcorn ceilings.  Thankfully (and with a lot of elbow grease) over time, this area has transformed.   

Not too long ago, I decided to flip rooms and now this serves as the dining room.  It is conveniently situated off of the kitchen and has generous proportions.  I don't think there are any rules when it comes to using rooms as you see fit.  This arrangement has worked out well for us and we now use the other room as a small living area. 

You might be wondering what is hiding behind the expanse of curtains ~ it's a small office area.  When I'm having guests, I just close the curtain and all the untidiness of the desk magically disappears.  The buffet ~ a garage sale find ~ is patiently awaiting a promised redo.  My plans are to paint it a lighter color ~ it will update it and make it stand out a bit more.  I think it looks kind of drab in its current state.  And as for the numbered chest;  read more about it here.  

 I love this large cart ~ it holds an abundance of items.  Find out more about this Wisteria cart here.

To make the space feel a little more like a dining room, I removed the ceiling fan and replaced it with a chandelier ~ in the evening it sets the room aglow.  Find it here

I couldn't help but include this photo of these beautiful roses that my dear friend Jennifer surprised me with ~ even in black and white they are stunning.  If you would like, read more about the vintage classroom door here.

This space has served up some very special moments for friends and family ~ and some pretty yummy meals as well.  Someday, I hope to replace this farm style table with a larger one ~ for now it's fine ~ we just squeeze in around it.  I hope your week is filled with good things.  

P.S. Jen ~ thanks for the roses ~ they made my day!  XO