painter's drop cloths

Wing Chair ~ Drop Cloth Redo

Oftentimes, I run across a great piece of furniture that has good bones to it but is in need of a reupholstery job.  And as we all know, fabric can be expensive!  So for me, plain old painter's drop cloths have long been a solution to pricey alternatives.  Matter of fact, drop cloths have long been a staple ingredient in designs I conjure up.

They pop up everywhere as curtains, tablecloths and throw pillows.  I've even used them as Christmas tree skirts.  Needless to say, the possibilities are endless. 

The two main appeal factors to me are:  1) They are super cheap and  2) They resemble, in look and texture, a nice linen fabric.  Find them here.

I'm sure in its heyday, this wing chair dressed in jungle inspired fabric, was all that.  But, it just wasn't working for me, especially since I love an environment with neutral furnishings. 

It took 7 yards of material to recover the chair (I used 8oz. weight drop cloths).  The cost of the material for the chair ended up being $23.98 plus tax.  


I would love to say I reupholstered the wing chair myself ~ but I didn't.  My upholstery guy did an amazing job on the redo.  In the end, I spent considerable less on the makeover in comparison to what it would have cost me had I purchased yardage from a fabric store.  This calming, neutral space is a nice spot to kick back and relax in.  In time, the chair will sport an inviting throw pillow ~ for now pillowless is good with me.  Hoping you have plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax this weekend!  XO ~ Dana