Relaxing at Horseshoe Bay

Recently while in Austin, spending some time with our sons, we made a trip out to Horseshoe Bay to visit our oldest son's boss and family.  The lakefront property was so serene and beautiful.  I think it's fair to say, we could feel the cares of this life melt away as we stepped foot out of the car.  I had to snap a few pics to share some of the cool interior and exterior design elements of this breathtaking getaway.  

The front door, although not what you may typically see posted on Tattered Style, was contemporary and very hip I might add. 

Calming and soothing to the senses ~ to the right of the front door was this unique water feature. 

When I entered the home, I fell in love with the interior space.  It was so open, airy and light.  I particularly love this art feature in the entry.  How ingenious to use cut circles of a tree as art on a wall.  Notice how the design starts wide at the base and narrows as it reaches the ceiling. 

I thought it was quite clever as well how the tree trunk art element drew your eye up to this funky entry lighting ~ varying size jars that have been wired for lighting.  

The living area sported this photo blown up on a large canvas.  It was so fitting for this Texas getaway spot. 

The lighting over the dining table was to die for ~ cool fishing nets converted to large pendants.   

I swooned over this colorful kitchenette in the bunkhouse. 

The pops of color were so cheery in the mosaic glass backsplash. 

The outdoor deck and eating area had a spectacular view.  How would you like to have coffee out here every morning?

Doesn't this whole space just scream relaxation?  As we said our goodbyes and pulled away from this peaceful spot, I was thankful for the time our family was able to spend with Bill and his family.  And maybe even a little envious (in a good way) of all the folks who lingered behind to celebrate the 4th of July week in this most beautiful space. 

Here's hoping you have the chance to take a relaxing break today ~ even if it's only a moment to read Tattered Style.  See you soon!