Framed and Fabulous

This colorful oil painting was just what the doctor ordered for a client's pre-teen girl's room.   When I saw it at a thrift store I quickly snatched it up.

The frame it was in was absolutely lacking on every level.  But a good scrub, a new coat of spray paint and some funky ribbon was all it needed to bring it up to speed. 

I used Krylon Fusion in Ivy Leaf to add some flirty fun and give the painting a good dose of youthfulness.  The color ties in perfectly with the girls room I prepared this for.  I always spray the item I'm painting with several light coats of paint versus heavy coats ~ this prevents drips and paint runs. 

After the frame dried thoroughly, I decided to embellish the inset part of the frame with some funky green and white ribbon. 

I cut the ribbon to the desired lengths (cutting the ends on a 45 degree angle so they would lay nicely on the inset of the frame).  

Next, I sprayed the backside of the ribbon with 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive.  I gave each piece of ribbon an ample coat of adhesive and waited a couple of minutes before I positioned the ribbon on the front side of the frame.

In this case, 5/8" ribbon fit the inlay perfectly.  I like the way it brings out the white in the oil painting. 

Lastly, I placed the oil painting back into the frame and attached it permanently with 4 ~ 1/4" metal offset clips.  They work like a charm. 

I screwed them into place on the frame at four points (there's no need to attach any to the back of the painting as the clips hold it securely in place where they are screwed into the frame).  

After covering the back of the painting with brown paper, I attached two screw eyes (1/3 the way down from the top side of the frame ~ on the left and ride sides) and then strung a piece of picture frame wire between the two.

For now, this painting is waiting to be installed in a young girl's room.  I'm headed over today to do just that.  Please check out my Facebook Page for upcoming photos of how the installation turns out.  I hope you have a relaxing weekend.  :)  Dana