Corbin ~ The Artist

(See photo below ~ that inspired this work)
Today I'm happy to feature these unique works of art created by my son, Corbin ~ the artist, who is currently studying media art in college.  One thing I love about Corbin is he has always chosen to march to the beat of his own drummer.  That combined with the fact that as long as I can remember, he's also had an interest in art ~ well let's just say the two combined makes for these most interesting works.

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To describe a little bit about Corbin's style, it might help if you knew he was inspired in one of his figure drawing classes.  It was there that he was instructed in planar analysis ~ basically a technique used in learning to draw faces. 

Corbin took what he learned a step further and created these colorful and soulful works of art.  I love how the layers of color add depth to the pieces. 

On a side note, something you may not know about Corbin, he is challenged with a seizure disorder.  He is such an amazing young man and faces what life has handed him with an enormous amount of courage.  He takes on each day choosing to look for good in life and the best in people. 

I'm excited to see Corbin pursue his passion and can't wait to see what other beautiful works he creates.  I know he has a bright future ahead of himself as he continues on his path as an artist.

If you are interested in commissioning a work by Corbin ~ please contact him here.

Thank you for indulging this momma a bit as I bragged about my son, Corbin ~ The Artist
XO ~ Dana