Anthropologie Mirror Collage / DIY

Image via Anthropologie
Today I am excited to be sharing my latest project with you.  For quite some time, I've been drooling over this mirror collage from Anthropologie.  I love the character and charm of this mirror arrangement but found the price to be a little more than I wanted to pay.  So, I set out to collect some old framed mirrors of my own hoping I could reproduce this lovely idea.  Gradually, I was able to locate several beautifully framed and mottled mirrors.  However, they weren't quite as abundant and available as I hoped.  I decided the most practical solution was to amass a collection of old frames and then have them fitted with mirrors. 

I collected the frames pictured above and finally was happy with the assortment of sizes and types that I had accumulated.   

I took them to a local glass and mirror store and had mirrors cut to fit the sizes.  They were pretty reasonable in cost ~ I only had to pay $20 to have four mirrors cut to fit the empty frames.

The glass store suggested I affix the mirrors in the frames with clear silicone. 

I placed the mirror in position and ran a bead of clear acrylic silicone around the backside of the mirror and the frame.  The silicone is a little messy to work with and is a bit stinky so be sure to work in a well ventilated area.  After attaching all the mirrors to the frames with the silicone, I left them outside to dry for several hours.

I wanted to finish off the mirrors with a protective backing.  To do so, I measured each frame to determine the different sizes of backing I would need to mark and cut.  I penciled off each of the dimensions on foam core ~ the backing I chose to use.  Then, I placed the foam core on the cutting board and using a straight edge as a guide, I cut through the foam core.  

Lastly, I placed the foam core behind the mirror and duct taped it in place.  I realize this likely isn't the way a frame shop would back a mirror but I'm content with my method and  know I can rest assured the backing will stay in place. 

I've laid the mirrors out on the floor and I'm playing around with varied arrangements before I attach them to the wall.  I'm all out of time today ~ so please drop by soon as I'll be posting pics of how and where I decide to install my mock Anthropologie mirror collage.

Today's post is lovingly dedicated to my friend and neighbor, Sally.  She was a remarkable woman whose beauty was reflected from the inside out.  She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.