Thrift Store

Onyx Candle Holder

Not many things make me happier than to land a good find at a thrift store.  I often remind my husband how lucky he is, "Honey, give me a good thrift store over a jewelry store any day of the week and I'm one happy woman."  He usually agrees.  :)

The onyx candlestick featured here was definitely the find of the week ~ costing me less than $2.  I think the natural beeswax candle with it's twisted rope shape (find them here) couldn't look prettier sitting on top of the thrifted find.  And, I think the dripping wax only adds to the beauty of the candlestick itself ~ perfection in my book.

Have you found any unique treasures at a thrift store lately?  You just might be surprised what you can discover ~ I hope you're up for the challenge!  I'd love to hear how your adventure goes.  Have a good Monday.  XO ~ Dana