Book Page Window Treatment

I recently was in a quandary and was trying to figure out a solution for a decorating dilemma. I had pretty much exhausted my budget for a design job, meaning I was really going to have to be resourceful and utilize any leftover materials I had on hand. I was laying in bed late one night and the wheels started turning.  I recalled I had some remnants of an old book I had used from another project and also some random pieces of wood.  I ended up coming up with a unique book page window treatment ~ I gotta tell you that it turned out pretty cool ~ I hope you'll take a closer look. :)   

The supplies for this project included:  Book pages, a scrap piece of wood, jump rings, two "L" brackets and some screw eyes.  I had previously purchased an old book with wonderfully worn and yellowed pages, ($1.98) from Half Price Books. All I did was tear out pages from the book and had them laminated (thanks Michele and Miles).  Next, I punched holes at the top and bottom of each page at the center point and attached jump rings through each hole.  I strung the pages together to equal the desired length.  Then, I cut a board the width of the window and attached screw eyes to the underside.  Following, I affixed the wood piece to the outside of the window frame using "L" brackets.  Finally, I attached the sections of pages with additional jump rings, through the screw eyes.  The number of pages, jump rings and screw eyes will vary depending on the size of window you have.  I think the end result is fantastic. 

I wish you could see how the sunlight filters through the hanging book pages ~ it gives such a warm and wonderful ambiance to the room.  A zebra head and some art (created by Miles, Michele's son) hangs proudly next to the window treatment. 

Take note of how the newsprint, used to decoupage the zebra head, beautifully compliments the typed print on the book pages.  Find the zebra head here.

Here's a shot of the window in the secondary office space that I designed for x2VOL.  The book page window treatment ended up being one of my favorite design elements of the entire project.  

It adds so much punch and character to the room.  This same book page project could be modified to serve as a room divider as well.  I'm so thrilled with how it turned out ~ I'm going to be duplicating it on a window in my own home.  How do you think it rates?