x2VOL ~ Part II

The cardboard/plywood pendant lights are from Anthropologie.
I think one of my favorite things about design is getting to know the client.  This certainly has been the case in working with Michele ~ I was immediately drawn to this job because of Michele and her excitement and enthusiasm for her company.  Over the last few weeks, I've had the opportunity to learn more about x2VOL, an innovative company that tracks high school student's volunteer hours and also partners them with non-profits that have volunteer needs. Learn more about x2VOL (powered by IntelliVOL) here.     

As I mentioned in x2VOL Part I, the vision for this space was to provide an environment where a number of people could meet, dream together and bring their ideas to fruition.  So, the space required a good sized table.  I just couldn't envision having a typical conference table fill this need, so I opted for a custom farm style table instead.  Thankfully, Michele was on board 100% and with help from a friend of mine who is a wonderful craftsman (thanks Charley) this beautiful table was built. The top is made from new pine planks ~ unlike the legs and skirting which are made from salvaged wood that Charley obtained from a barn that he tore down. The beam used to make the legs is over 100 years old.  We opted to leave the planks natural, but coated them with numerous coats of polyurethane for protection.  

I think the cardboard/plywood pendants and the natural table top and legs mirror and compliment each other quite nicely. 

The chairs ~ what can I say except they are spectacular!

One of my favorite "wow" factors in the room are these vintage school desk chairs on casters. Michele scored these off of Craigslist for a song.  They add a punch of color to the space and are quite comfortable.

There was one requirement for this room that Michele was adamant about ~ that there would be an abundance of writing surfaces for brainstorming sessions.  Another noteworthy feature in the room is this wall of marker boards.  Charley did a beautiful job of framing them out with trim that I found at a local salvage yard.  

Another thought I had for the room was to provide an area that would serve as a snack bar. This little nook provided just the right space for a foodie area.  The surface is an old door with some trim on the facing.  The shelving ~ more salvaged wood added space for snacks and supplies.  I whipped up a burlap curtain to conceal the refrigerator and also serve as extra storage.  I think it turned out quite charming.  

That pretty much sums up this space.  However, there's much more to share ~ I'm excited about posting some special projects I came up with for two of x2VOL's offices.  Be back soon with photos galore!  Speaking of photos, I'm on the quest for a new camera ~ my digital point and shoot is on its last leg.  Any suggestions?