Faces of Time

Clocks ~ another thing I have an odd affection for ~ possibly because they tout an array of lovely faces.  I have a love for any type of letters or numerals ~ so why not on a clock face as well?  It really doesn't matter to me whether my clocks work or not.  Honestly, don't most of us look to our cell phones to check the time these days?  I'm not particularly biased when it comes to my collection.  And although these tick-tocks are a motley crew, I do appreciate them for all their uniqueness.  Some may run a little slow while others have broken faces ~ no worries ~ they fit in just fine in my Tattered Style world. Plain and simple ~ I have an appreciation for clocks and thought I might share a few I possess.      

This retro looking electric clock was found at an estate sale.  It purrs softly as it runs ~ eventually it gets behind ~ no bother every now and then I take a moment to adjust it.  

One might think this is vintage, but it's not.  It's a nice little knockoff from Pottery Barn.  I think they did a lovely job ~ and this one actually does keep good time which makes my husband happy.  

I know ~ this one has a broken face but it's so wonderfully tattered.  I scooped this one up at a flea market for a few dollars.  I think it had been passed over many times ~ but not by me. 

Clocks can add a sense of coziness to any setting ~ they're perched all over my home. Here one rests on a shelf in one of my living rooms. Next time you are creating a vignette, why not incorporate some lovely old clocks in the mix as well? 

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Photos courtesy of Amanda Kate Photography.