Desk Do-Over

One upon a time there was an ugly desk that had not been well cared for ~ at least for a number of years.  With passing time, neglect had taken its toll on it.  However, upon closer inspection, it was easy to discern that at one point in its lifetime it stood sturdy and strong.  But alas, in it's grimy state, it was in desperate need of rescuing from its dire circumstances.  

One day a kindhearted damsel spotted it on Craigslist and without hesitation, she scooped it up and delivered it to her new office space ~ where amidst all the other castoffs it was given hope.  It was cleaned and sanded and scraped and scrubbed.  It was beginning to feel like its days of despair were over and that there was finally a glimmer of hope for its future.

Okay enough of the tale ~ let's get on with the good stuff.  The desk top was in really bad shape.  So after much thought, I decided to camouflage the ugly by decoupaging it.  I envisioned the desk surface with layers and layers of wonderful old book pages on top.  I found a charming, tattered old book (used also on the Book Page Window Treatment) at a used bookstore and nabbed it.  At the clients request, I also picked up a book with beautiful pictures of Catholic saints to be used as an accent feature atop the other pages.  I tore the pages out of the book and applied them randomly to the top of the desk with good ole Mod Podge ~ found at your local craft store.  

Chapters later ~ literally ~ in my opinion, I ended up with the most unique desk top.   

The additional colorful pictures from the book of saints clearly made the whole project come together.  They gave the desk top a beautiful punch of color (be sure to notice the bright orange desk chair below ~ the two work wonderfully with each other).

They also represented a very personalized feature for the client.  To customize a similar project like this, simply add pictures of whatever interests you.

The decoupage treatment on the desk top gave this old retro desk a much needed face lift.

It's now serves as the focal point of the room.

Honestly, the first time I saw the condition of the desk, I wasn't sure how I was going to make it work.  My first inclination was to scrap the desk entirely.  I communicated to my client (Michele) that I would sleep on it and get back with her the next morning.  Thankfully, I did and now a once dingy and forgotten desk has a new lease on life.  

The desk not only provides a generous work surface but also happens to be thought provoking and inspirational at the same time ~ thanks to the choices of book pages applied to the top.  This really was a group effort ~ thanks to Michele, Tolbert, Miles, Rachael and Marty on this project for their help and input.  I have to say ~ I love this desk!

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