A Texas Inspired Office

Here's a few more pics of Nate's office redo ~ see part one here.  Literally, there was no budget to work with so I had to think creatively and pull from things he already had or from things I had in storage. His primary requests for the space were 1.) It had to reflect his love for Texas.  2.) He wanted it to pay tribute to his mom and dad (Nana and Papa) and 3.) Nate is one sentimental fella, so everything in the space had to have a story or special meaning.   I did my best to fulfill the requests.  The taxidermied bullfrog was a souvenir from Corbin's trip to Honduras.  The framed poem ~ "A Tribute to Nana and Papa" was a Christmas gift to Nate from Gavin. 


Texture played a key role in revitalizing the office.  Wonderfully worn rugs, leather, rattan poufs and an iron star, (Reagan displayed this in his home when he lived in South Dakota), go a long way to adding Texas flair.    

Fun Facts:  The American flag flew over the White House and was presented to Papa, while the brass eagle use to reside in Papa's office.  The bookcase was crafted by a friend and was part of his dad's office for years.  The shepherd's staff was gifted to Nate from some guy friends he mentors.  

The oversized map belonged to friends as well ~ a family piece from the 1950's.  They generously passed it on to me.  The handmade rocker belonged to Nate's mom ~ a family heirloom ~ Nana was rocked in it as a baby.  The vintage lamp came from Canton and the uber cool, blue and green chair came from Lula B's

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Nate's office redo and I hope you stop by again soon!