A Labor of Love


This Labor Day, I'm enjoying a day off from my normal routine.  And yet somehow I got wrangled into helping my youngest son, Gavin, revamp his room.  After recently helping my hubby with his office and my two other sons with their apartments, I could hardly refuse.

While, we're busy schlepping furniture from one room to another, I thought I might share with you this fabulous A-frame sign that was acquired from Curiosities in Dallas.

I still get weak in the knees when it comes to cool signage.  I think the mix of red, white and black offers up the perfect graphic combination. 

Now it's time to get back to work ~ so I'm off to complete this labor of love and help Gavin finish up his space.  And might I add, I'm so thankful he's still asking for help and enjoys spending time with  mom ~ it's a good Labor Day.  I hope yours is good too!  See you soon.  :)