A Shelf Solution

For the last few days, I've been busying myself with the redo of my hubby's office.  I'm sharing a sneak peak of the space, specifically featuring a shelf I made for one wall.  

I needed a ledge of some sort for display for one side of the room.  I also wanted to infuse some weathered wood in the office.  So I decided to fashion a shelf from a section of an old gate I purchased from a friend about a year ago.

The section of the gate was the exact length I needed and it had a beautiful weathered texture.  For an added bonus, it's original hardware sported a wonderfully aged patina. 

As you will read about in an upcoming post, Nate specifically wanted to incorporate his love for Texas in the space, so I opted to hang the shelf with iron brackets that incorporated the Lone Star of Texas on them.

I didn't snap before pics, but the brackets were originally white.  I spray painted them with a flat black paint to better suit the feel I was wanting to achieve for the office.

*Note the photo below and the angled shot of the finished product ~ allowing you to see the underside of the shelf and brackets as well as a semi view of the display.  

The rest of Nate's office redo will be forthcoming.  I hope you are having a splendid week!  See you soon ~ XO ~ Dana.