Laundry Cart Makeover / DIY

Hi ~ we're back from our family vacation (it's always nice to take a break from life for a few days!) ~ and I'm excited to share this wonderful old laundry cart project with you.  I found the cart at a flea market ~ in this condition.  All that was left of it, was it's skeleton frame and the casters it came on. 

I decided to make a table out of it and headed over to Orr-Reed Wrecking Co. ~ a wonderful salvage yard in Dallas ~  to see what I might come up with for a top.  It's always one of my favorite spots for salvaged materials.  This iconic, architectural salvage hot spot has undergone quite the transformation recently (you gotta see it) and is chock full of wonderful inventory.  If you live in the area, you definitely need to pay them a visit and please be sure and tell them I sent you.  

After scavenging at Orr-Reed's for awhile, I decided on some old tongue and groove wood flooring for my project.

Once I got the wood home, I decided to use the backside of the flooring for the topside of my table.  There was no particular reasoning involved ~ I just liked the way it looked and preferred it over a smooth surface. 

After I determined the finished measurement for the tabletop, I cut the boards to the desired length.  Then I interlocked the boards together and secured them to each other by adding a support strip to the back ~ making sure to screw each board to the strip of wood. 

Next, I used electrical strapping and screws to attach the top to the cart base.  

I pre-drilled the holes and screwed the straps to the underside of the tabletop. 

As you can see, I attached two straps to each end of the tabletop and one on each side ~ this secured the top to the base. 

Loving this piece already!!!

Lastly, I sanded the top with a electric sander and then applied a coat of polyurethane to it with a brush. 

If I had a big old loft apartment, I would use the cart as an entry table (sigh...wishful thinking).  Here's how I have it arranged today ~  although I could easily change my mind and move it tomorrow.  :)  I'll be sharing more tattered style goodness soon ~ hoping this week is a good one for you!