Go For The Unexpected!

You may remember the gum machine lamp pictured above from this post.  We've most enjoyed the lamp because it spits out a sugary treat for only a nickel and offers up needed light for the room.  But, I must admit, I've often thought the brightly colored gum was a little bit of a stranger in my muted home.  I've been tossing around ideas in my head for a long time and I finally think I've landed on something that suits my style a little better.  I rather like and prefer the new look ~ a whole lot as a matter of fact. 

Who knew that these humble game pieces would take up residence inside of a gumball machine ~ of all things?  Scrabble letters have popped up almost everywhere in endless creative design ideas but quite possibly never as a stand in for gum in a gumball machine. 

I've been toying with the idea of changing it for awhile now ~ and mostly considered replacing the colorful gum with all white gum.  The only problem with that idea ~ I was going to have to buy an awful lot of gum to adequately fill the machine.  So, one day I was poking around my house ~ I eyed the Scrabble tiles and thought ~ "why not?"  It was an easy exchange ~ I merely dumped out the gum and added the Scrabble pieces.

The idea of a cleaner and different look was very appealing to me.  In addition, I would be able to enjoy the lamp in the sitting room without it distracting from the rather subdued design.

I also decided to replace the curvy traditional shade with its colorful trim ~ with a more modern linen drum shade. 

While I hope I don't catch flack for trading out the gum for said Scrabble letters, I must admit I prefer the game pieces and love their unexpectedness.  When designing your space, I encourage you to go for the unexpected!  That said, I hope you stop by Tattered Style again soon!