A Gentleman in Corduroy

I feel the strongest nudging to give things a second chance.  I know this may seem the weirdest compulsion but I can't stand for things like this chair to be thrown to the curb especially when he still has so much life left in him. 

He did look somewhat like he was on his last leg ~ indeed, he was even minus a cushion.  Yikes, actually my friend Gloria's dog ate a good portion of it.  Despite the missing seat, I fell for the amazing lines of this fab mid-century modern chair and was so anxious for him to have a makeover.  

After scouring options for fabrics to reupholster the piece, I decided to dress him in this rich brown corduroy.  

And look how handsome he turned out ~ doesn't a little love and a chocolaty corduroy go a long way to enhance his frame?  I'm so happy he won't be taking up residence in a nearby landfill anytime soon.  

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