Vibrant in Blue / Vintage Receiving Stand

I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to part with this old receiving stand when I found it on Craigslist.  Stands like this were, and still are, used in restaurants and various other places as a receiving station.  When it came time for me to sell some Tattered Style treasures (aka Stash) at the Dallas Market this past winter, I had every intention of selling this wonderful old piece.  But the longer it sat around here, the more it's vibrant blue color grew on me.   

It was pretty dirty and neglected when my husband picked it up and brought it home to me.  He said it had been sitting out in the open for an undetermined amount of time.  Really, all it needed was a little TLC. 

Just recently I had a little time to give it some attention.  I scrubbed it down from top to bottom.  Then I scraped any loose paint off with a 5-in-1 tool (I use this tool quite often with projects ~ I've found it to be an absolute essential to have in my toolbox).  I gave it a final cleaning with some #OOO steel wool.  Lastly, I sealed it with some Minwax wipe on satin polyurethane ~ a breeze to work with ~ you simply wipe it on with an old cloth.  Find it here.

The piece is a bit of a departure from my normal neutral surroundings ~ but I do love the pop of color it provides.  I love the way it cozies up this corner of my dining room.  It's ample sized drawer holds napkins and placemats.  By the way, the black and white pen and ink drawing hanging above it was a $10 find at the Wisteria Outlet.

Someday I may choose to pass this wonderful old receiving stand along ~ but for now, I'm enjoying it for myself.  However ~ I am planning on selling some other items in an online sale ~ I hope to have it up later this week.  Be sure to stop back by Tattered Style again soon!