Easy Socket Candle Holders

I do have a fondness for old porcelain light sockets.  I've used them plenty of times in place of regular fixtures, merely because I love their simplicity.  However, as you can see from the photo above, today I'm going to share another use for the common socket.

Recently, I was cleaning the shed and I came across these old things.  I had tucked them away last spring, after I had removed them from a house that was being demoed ~ freebies. :)  The thought occurred to me that they would make unique candle holders. 

I removed the parts I no longer wanted on the socket base ~ ie. pull cords/strings, wiring, etc.  Then I gave them all a bath.   

I tried placing standard tapers in the socket base but they were too small and didn't fit.  So, I decided a trip to the local Ace Hardware Store would probably solve my dilemma.  The customer service there is great and, eventually, we figured out a solution.  Some simple O rings (.79 each) found in the plumbing department would help hold the candlestick in place. 

I fitted a 1-1/16 x 7/8 x 3/32 O-ring in the top thread of the socket.

Next, I put a 15/16 x 11/16 x 1/8 O-ring near the bottom of each taper. 

Then I placed the candle in the base and gently "twisted" it into place.  

Not your everyday ordinary candle holder ~ but something different, fun and inexpensive.  I love the idea of upcycling (Upcycling:  The process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value ~ Wikepedia) as well. 

In case your wondering, I often run across common fixtures like these at flea markets, thrift stores or yard sales.  If your not the scavenger type, you can also buy them new here for less than a couple of dollars.  That's all for today ~ I hope you are inspired to try out this easy project.  I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest or Like me on Facebook.