Sleepy Bear

This giant Sleepy Bear looks like he may be headed for hibernation.  One might think that's what I've been up to here of late.  But in reality, I took a break and have been vacationing in Paris with my hubby and some dear friends.  It was a much needed and welcomed reprieve from life.  

One day of the trip, I actually attempted to post a blog ~ then asked myself, "What on earth am I doing...I'm in Paris for crying out loud!"  I decided, understandably, it could wait until I returned home.   

Back to Sleepy Bear, I found him at Round Top last fall but had to wait patiently until late January for him to be delivered to me.  I think he's the epitome of the tattered style, wouldn't you agree?
As you may have guessed by now, he's part of an old hotel sign from the 50's.  My original intention was to sell him at the Dallas Market, but occasionally, some treasures I find are a little more difficult to part with than others.  Once I got Sleepy Bear home, I couldn't pass him off so easily. 

I think it was destined for him to have a nice long nap at my place.  As oversized as he may be, he's now a permanent fixture on my guest room wall and is likely to be hanging around for awhile.

As for me, I'm currently getting back into the groove of things and overcoming jet lag.  My friend, Alison, and I enjoyed a day perusing the Le marche aux Puces (the Paris flea market).  My plans are to share some photos soon of Paris in the spring.  It was magnifique!  I hope you have a good week ~ Au revoir!