A Little Letter Experiment

I love letters and numbers ~ I can't help it, I just do!  The other day I was playing around with an adhesive product to see how it would work using cardboard stencils and spray paint on a variety of surfaces.  In doing so, I pulled out a scrap piece of sheetrock I had laying around and stenciled it with the letter "P".  I have such a fondness for ordinary, unpretentious materials like plain old drywall.  The combination of the silvery "P" on the sheetrock was so pleasing to me ~ I decided to keep it and use it on the buffet in my breakfast nook. 

To begin my accidental experiment ~ I used 6" stencils I had previously purchased from the local Ace hardware store. 

The product I was experimenting with was the stencil adhesive spray (shown above) from Michael's.  I love this product!  The adhesive forms a nice seal for the stencil when using it with various types of paint and prevents the paint from seeping under the stencil.      

I began with a piece of sheetrock and a stencil.  I gave the back of the stencil several light coats of spray adhesive and allowed it to become tacky to the touch.  Then I positioned it on the piece of sheetrock. 

I taped off the part I didn't want painted (with blue painter's tape) so there wouldn't be any overspray to the rest of the area, then sprayed the stenciled area with several light coats of silver spray paint.

The spray adhesive I applied to the back of the stencil prevented the paint from seeping under the stencil and created nice, clean lines. 

I didn't intend on using the "P" as a design element, but I love the way it turned out and propped it up on an easel I already had.  


I liked the simple combination of something so ordinary as a piece of sheetrock and the stenciled letter that I decided it was only fitting to give it a place of honor.  :)  I'm in high gear, as I'm sure you most of you are, in preparing for Thanksgiving next week.  I'm so thankful all the boys will be home!  I hope to be seeing you here again soon.  Please check out Tattered Style on Facebook and Pinterest.