Accessorizing ~ Tattered Style

While we're recovering from a bout of the krud around here (cold/flu season has arrived!) how about boot scootin your way through this post today to see a couple of really simple ways to add a little tattered style to your space?  Shown here, well loved and worn vintage boots line a baseboard and become an interesting part of the decor.   

The four best reasons to buy vintage boots?  1).  They're already broken in.  2).  They cost a fraction of what you would pay for them new in a retail store.  3).  They provide instant art and are a unique and surprising accessory when stylizing a space.  4).  They free up much needed closet space!  :)

Another idea ~ collected heart shaped rocks (a freebie) act as instant, textural "artifacts" ~ these were picked up on various riverbeds over the years while on vacation.  They bring back fond memories of times together with family and friends. 

Propped against the iron arrow, found here for $9, the "hearts of stone" bring a touch of warmth to my guest room. 

Vintage wood hangers also act as an interesting accent to this earthy vignette.  And ~ one of their main attractions was the thrifted price of less than a dollar each.  I love the mix of iron, wood and stone that these simple elements bring to this space.  Thanks for stopping by to check out a few tattered style accessorizing ideas.  Hope you two step your way back by here again soon!  :)