Feeling Artsy

Today I'm feeling especially artsy or you could say "puttsy" ~ either one ~ they are both interchangeable to me.  Probably because I'm dreaming of how the installation will come together in the space at market next week ~ read more here.  

Also, for me, puttsing with my stuff is therapeutic and a great stress reliever.  I lose myself in the moment and time stands still.  It's my happy place.

Things I love about this installation ~

1) The clothing rack for sure ~ it has an adjustable second bar.  2) The vintage movie projector screen.

3) The brown paper stenciled letters ~ I spelled "HOME" out with and attached to the screen with electrical tape.

 4) The vintage French Linen aprons ~ they are buttery soft!  5) The old wooden hangers ~ so charming.

5) The vintage fan ~ thinking it probably wouldn't meet safety standards today but it's still a cool piece.  6) And lastly, the factory stool.  I must confess ~ I like it all.

I'm off to get ready for dinner with friends.  I celebrated my birthday yesterday and the celebration continues this evening.  I love when that happens!  ;)  

Thank you for taking time to stop by Tattered Style today.  Be inspired and have a lovely weekend!  Dana