Framed Recipes / DIY Tutorial


In the last few days, I've received a number of inquiries asking how I put together and hung my mother-in-law's (Nana) treasured recipes.  Here, they hang in my breakfast nook as wall art.  So today, I thought I would give a quick tutorial of how I assembled and displayed them. 

Below is a list of supplies used for the project:

  • 3 ~ Treasured Recipes from Nana
  • 3 ~ 11" x 14" Ready Made Frames
  • Saw Tooth Picture Hangers (included with frame)
  • 3 ~ 11" x 14' Mat Boards (not ones with the centers cut out ~ see below)
  • Archival, Double-Sided, Removable Tape
  • 6 Yards Ribbon 
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Small Nails

To begin with, I determined what size frames to use for the recipes.  In my case, I used 11" x 14" frames.  I also bought a large mat board and had three 11" x 14" mats cut from it.  I did not buy pre-cut mats, I wanted solid mats (not ones with a cut-out) to provide a background for the recipes.

I disassembled the frames and cleaned the glass.  I then took the mat board and a recipe, and positioned and marked where I wanted each recipe placed on the board.  To preserve the integrity of the recipes, I used archival, double-sided, removable tape to affix the recipe to the mat.  I put a 2" strip of tape on the back of each recipe (at the top only) and gently laid it  on the mat.  When I was happy with the way it was positioned, I pressed the two together. 

I then reassembled each frame and attached the saw tooth picture hanger on the back of the frames (the hangers were provided with the frames).

To attach the ribbons, I first decided how long I wanted the ribbons to be.  In my case, I cut 2 ~ 36" strips of ribbon for each frame.  Next, I hot glued one end of each ribbon to the top corners of the frame.  I tied the two ribbons together to form a bow.

I determined where I wanted each recipe to hang on the wall and then hung them using the saw tooth picture hanger.  I did not hang them from the ribbon.

I then pulled the tied ribbon taut and tapped in a nail to hold it in place.  It appears the framed recipe is suspended from the ribbon, when actually it is hanging from the saw tooth hanger. 

I do love the way the recipes turned out ~ they are a daily reminder of our sweet Nana and her passion for cooking (especially the recipe for "Halbrooks Hash" a.k.a "goulash.").  You family members  know exactly what I'm talking about.  I do hope these instructions are helpful.  Happy Friday to you ~ I hope you are enjoying this wonderful fall weather.  Be sure to check out my favorite Pinterests here.