DIY ~ Hanging Candle Holders

Here's a simple project anyone can do.  I was inspired to get creative with several old discarded ceiling fixture globes.  These inexpensive globes are often used by builders for ceiling fixtures in bathrooms and in hallways.  I thought the pressed glass was just too pretty to let go of.  I decided to repurpose them as hanging candle holders.  Here's what you will need for this easy DIY project.

~ Globes from an old light fixture ~ 

If you don't have any old ones laying around, they can easily be found at thrift stores for about a dollar.

Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers

First, I determined how long I wanted the finished length of the hanging holder to be.  I used wire cutters to cut a length of 16 gauge wire for each globe plus an additional 6 - 8 inches to allow for twisting on the ends.  I used varying lengths of wire for each globe so they would differ in height.  I bent the wire at the midpoint of the long piece of wire and formed a loop (see above) this will be what the holder hangs from.  

Next, using needle nose pliers, I twisted another piece of wire around the neck of the globe (globe wire).  I slipped the hanging wire onto the globe wire (see above) and twisted the ends of all the wires until snug.  And that's it ~ you are finished!     

I chose to hang the globes from a vintage I.V. pole that I already owned.  I placed tea lights inside of each globe ~ and when they are lit they create the prettiest flickering patterns on the wall in the evening.

Here they are hanging in the corner of my sitting room.  These hanging candle holders could also be hung from hooks or on a nail ~ depending on where and how you would like to use them.  I also think they would make a charming exterior light treatment for an outdoor party ~ wouldn't they be festive hanging from tree branches?  Additionally, this could be used as a clever idea for an outdoor wedding feature.  Happy Tuesday ~ I hope you have a terrific week.