Flea Market Favorites

On my recent trip to Round Top, one of my favorite days was at Marburger Farm.  There were several dealers who really grabbed my attention.  The first was Becki and Jur van der Oord, of Installations Antiques, they have incredible style and taste. I truly wish I could have made it back with their great "House" sign.

They also carried these unique pendant lights ~ I think they would be a standout fixture whether used singly or in a cluster.  And notice the round, red shutter ~ it would be a solid design statement in any room.

Secondly, I thought Utopia Antiques carried some very impressive pieces.  This cow is one of them and reminds me of our favorite car game, "Hey Cow," (thanks Sydney).  I do think this concrete variety would make for a clever install ~ inside or out.

I have a fascination for orbs ~ especially ones of this size and scale.  I'm pretty sure in its former life, this one was an old wrecking ball ~ whatever the case ~ wouldn't it be great in a garden? 

The giant star was another favorite of mine ~ also carried by Utopia.  I would love to have it hanging on a living room wall ~ but really it would serve as instant art most anywhere.  

And lastly, I had to snap of photo of this orange chest ~ the chippy patina was perfection.  I found it here.  I think it would make a great bedside or end table.  It would also provide great storage in a bathroom ~ a handy spot for rolled up towels.  I'm pretty crazy about the oversized glass container holding the dried hydrangeas.  This too ~ is one of those accessories that could easily move all over the house.

Thanks for letting me share some favorite finds from Marburger Farm.  I hope you enjoy your weekend.  :)