flea markets

Treasures From A Flea Market

What better way to spend a spring day than to go fleaing ~ another word for cheap therapy in my book.  Here are a few treasures that made it back with me from Roundtop.  I wish you could have been there too!  

Old trophy cups like the one above are becoming increasingly difficult to spot ~ especially one with this price tag.  This old camp trophy was a steal at $5 ~ and had to be the deal of the day!  

Handmade jewelry is one of my favorite things you find at flea markets.  Presently, I'm into feathers and wings.  The feather necklace shown here was made by Gleeful Peacock.

For the mad scientist in me, I couldn't resist this laboratory beaker.  I like that it's multifunctional and can do double duty as a quirky vase.

How adorable are these mini ladles?  I think they will be splendid for serving up dressings and sauces whether using them on a daily basis for my family or throwing a dinner party.

And lastly, I was so happy to find this cool pair of vintage cowboy boots ~ my favorite thing about them...they're broken in and COMFY!  

For those of you who may be a little intimidated when it comes to flea markets, be sure to click on the various hyperlinks throughout this post ~ I've found similar items like the ones above on Etsy.  Happy shopping!