Brimfield Flea Market Review

~ Vintage Grain Sacks ~

It's hard to believe Brimfield has come and gone.  It was a wonderful experience to travel all the way to Massachusetts and visit one of the country's largest flea markets.  I met so many wonderful people along the way and have tucked away numerous good memories to reminisce about.    

While on the commute back home, I asked myself, "What drives people to flea markets?  I came up with several possible answers to my question.    
  1. The thrill of the hunt.
  2. The desire for a good bargain.
  3. The satisfaction of being resourceful by reusing and recycling.  
  4. The challenge to find something unique with a story and lots of character ~ something you can't find in massed produced markets.
  5. The community enjoyed and shared with people ~ not only with the vendors you meet but also fellow shoppers. 
These are but my humble opinions.  Whatever the case may be, I continue to enjoy the variety of treasures I come across while fleaing as well as the many experiences I gain from visiting various flea markets.  

Here is a sampling of some of the things I ran across that caught my eye:  

~ Double Barber Shop Sink ~

This rare double sink was originally from a barber shop in the Florida Keys.  I think it would look fantastic in a large master bathroom!

~ Vintage Folding Chairs ~

I love the muted colors of these folding chairs and also their slipcovered backs ~ each stamped with a different number.  The slips were made from painter's drop cloths.

~ Vintage Gym Locker Baskets ~

I came across these great gym locker baskets at Duchess D's.  I had a chance to meet and chat with the  owner, Debbie, who shared with me that the entire collection of baskets were snatched up by English buyers.  They were going to be shipped back to England to be resold at similar antique shows overseas. 

I recall having had similar baskets like these in our P.E. class in Jr. High and High School (okay, now I'm dating myself).  Wouldn't these make a great organizational piece?  

~ Hey Cow!!! ~

This concrete cow was amazing and was part of Duchess D's goodies as well.  He would look great outside in a garden or inside as a quirky piece of art ~ either way he is perfect!

Three of my favorite pieces were from French Curiosites.  This space had so many unique and unusual finds.  The owner was delightful and the staging and display of her wares were charming and inviting.  Many of the choice pieces were scooped up by buyers from Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Land's End.  Their purchases will move on to various store locations or will be used for advertising photo shoots. 

~ Maple Sugar Molds ~

The one that got away ~ Nat and I were deliberating over this one and set it down for a mere second ~ another shopper picked it up and that was that.  Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be ~ sigh. 

~ French Flag Holders ~

There are round circles on strips of wood on the backs of these wooden holders.  The flagpole is then slipped through the hole to hold the flags.

~ Slotted Organizer ~

I loved this as well and was entertaining the thought of purchasing it.  I circled back around and it was gone.  The moral to that story ~ if you really are interested in something, hold onto it like a baby or it may end up going home with somebody else.

Aside from being just a plain ole good time, my trip to the Northeast also reminded me of how alike we are as people.  We may have a little different accent or may look a little differently, but we still share the same hopes and dreams for ourselves and for our loved ones.  Fleaing provides plentiful sources to find some remarkable tattered treasures, but it also provides many opportunities to make new friends as well.