Brownstone Doors

Well, here I am in Boston and I'm so excited that Brimfield has finally arrived.  I've been anticipating a trip to this flea market for quite some time.  Before heading to the hotel yesterday evening, my hubby and I made a stop at a fabulous restaurant called B&G Oysters.  Our anniversary is today, so it was nice to celebrate with a yummy dinner.  The place was recommended to us by a guy that we sat next to on the plane ~ his aunt is the chef at this renowned little spot.  Needless to say, he gave it rave reviews ~ and he was right ~ it was scrumptious!  

Afterwards, we decided to walk the neighborhood and found ourselves right smack-dab in the middle of the famed South Boston Historic District, known for its wonderful old Brownstones.  It was such a charming area.  I couldn't help but snap a few pics of some of my favorite doors to share.  It seemed fitting to give them names ~ so I did. :)  

#34 ~ Teal or Turquoise ~ 

#39 ~ Circles and Spheres ~

#8 ~ Octagonal Detail ~ 

#17 ~ Cast Stone Beauty ~

~ Ahead of the Rest ~

#11 ~ Lacquered Red Door ~ 

~ Star Light ~

~ Matthew Mahogany ~


# 7 ~ Star Bright ~

~ Filigree Loveliness ~


~ Gothic Black & Grey ~

#84 ~ Black and Blue ~

#82 ~ Lovely Blue ~

#77 ~ Leaded Glass Beauty ~


#68 ~ Arched Cast Stone ~

#2 ~ BBB ~ Blue Beadboard Babe ~

I hope you enjoyed these historic old doors.  I'm off to go fleaing ~ sigh.  I'll do my best to post some flea-bitten photos later on Tattered Style's FB page.  Be sure to look for them here.