Belgium Dominoes ~ Nat brought these to me from a Brussels flea market. The scale and bowl are a local flea market find.

I like things; different things, unusual things ~ and I collect them. I guess that makes me a collector. Although, even the word can make me shudder, (have you seen the show Hoarders?). The challenge is to collect just the right amount of things without it being imposing or taking over. I like order and am a minimalist so when I collect something, I'm selective in the items I choose. A collection is defined as ~ a gathering of objects, as works of art; a quantity of anything collected together into a mass; an assemblage. Collections are art to me and I use them to accessorize a space. Here are a few of my current collections.

Bingo Cards ~ I simply can't get away from black and cream anything!

Folding Measuring Sticks ~ are functional as well as artful.

Letterpress ~ Letters ~ I love all lettering!

Letterpress ~ Numbers 0-9 ~ I love any kind of numbers!

Wine Corks ~ I label and date them so I can recall the event.

Vintage Clothes Pins ~ the yellow ware bowl was Nana's when she was a young girl.

As much as I enjoy collecting, it's not unusual for me to pass a collection on as my likes and tastes change. That leaves me with the question then, "Am I really a collector?" Maybe I'm a transitioning collector...hmmm. What are some things you are drawn to? What are some of you favorite collections?

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