Round Top Review

Industrial lighting ~ so cool!

It's been an exciting week in Round Top ~ and it's been so much fun getting away with friends ~ Gretchen, Kelley from The Hidden List and Sharon from Bless Your Neighbor. There is so much community in Round Top and the surrounding areas. Even though we aren't from here, all the locals have welcomed us with open arms and made us feel as though we were long lost friends. We've also bumped into some familiar faces ~ the Junk Gypsy gals, (so friendly and down to earth), Mary Emmerling and her hubby, Reg, were a delight, (she told me she liked my shirt), Bud, the owner of the amazing Royer's Cafe in Round Top, Rachael Ashwell's hired hand, (yes, she really does have a home here) and today Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, (yup, they shop just like all the rest of us do). Did I just totally name drop or what? Oh well...

One more morning of shopping to go ~ and then back to Dallas. Here's a little peak at some of the goodies we've seen:

Seltzer bottles from France

Movie reels and storage case

HUGE industrial hook ~ the vendor's hand in comparison!

French Vanilla's wares from Austin, Texas ~ check out the vintage clocks perched on the wall sconces.

My dream piece ~ an old bakery cart ~ maybe someday I'll own one :)

I'm anxious to share the interesting pieces I'm bringing home ~ I'll post them soon.