Sucker for Signage

It's no secret, I'm a sucker for vintage signs. When I run across a good lot, I go weak in the knees. Last week at Round Top, was no different. I fell head over heels for these vintage bus roll transit signs that are originally from the UK ~ a little deviation from your typical signage, but oh ~ so incredible!

I was so glad to meet DeWayne, the owner of Home Economics located in Grants Pass, Oregon, who carries the vintage signs. I also learned that he sells these wonderful old bus rolls on Etsy ~ find them here. DeWayne so generously shared a wealth of information about the history of the signs. I think you'll be intrigued by their story.

Before buses had digital readings of the stops they were making on their routes, the names of the stops/streets were printed on a roll of calico cloth. The bus driver would use a hand crank to roll through the various stops to display the destination.

These wonderful cloths are now used not only as art and wall hangings, but are also being used to make pillows and upholster furniture.

I can't get over this wingback chair! Find it here.

If you're not blown away yet, then check out the line of clothing DeWayne has developed using the material from the bus rolls.

I love this dress ~ find it here. What will he think of next?

Back to my story ~ Most of the bus rolls were black and white, but there was one grouping that had pops of yellow ~ so cool and colorful!

After much deliberation, (thanks Kelley, from The Hidden List, Sharon, from Bless Your Neighbor and Gretch for your patience), I made my decision.

I settled on this beauty. I've been looking for the perfect (or not so perfect) piece of "art" to go above the mantel in my living room for the past ten years ~ I think I finally landed it. :)

I think it's right at home above my fireplace mantel.

I think these vintage bus rolls have character out the wazoo and are so graphic. Someday I'll probably have mine matted and framed ~ but hey, who's complaining! Oh~ and by the way, I scored a vintage lawn chair from DeWayne at this booth. He was using it as a prop for a display and he didn't want to haul it back to Oregon ~ so he gave it to me for free! Thanks DeWayne! I'll share it's unveiling with you in the future. :)