Change it Up

Today, I made magnets for my magnetic lifeboard ~ "What is a lifeboard," one might query?  It's what I've aptly named the magnetic boards I hung in a small hallway in my home a couple of years ago.  I'll share the "How To's" of this DIY project soon!  Until then, see some similar ones that I hung in a completed office design, here

My lifeboard is filling up rather quickly with various photos, notes, and memorabilia ~ actually to the point that I ended up having more mementos than magnets.  The magnets I wanted to purchase were kind of pricey, so I decided, "Why not make some myself?"  

I've been accumulating a lot of left over foreign coins over the years ~ you know ~ the ones you just can't ever seem to use up as a trip comes to an end?  Well, for lack of a better solution and to avoid pitching them out, I've been dumping them in a Ziploc bag for awhile now.  They came to mind for this little project. 

I purchased some inexpensive magnets from Michael's ~ they can also easily be found at Hobby Lobby, Joanne's, Target, Walmart or your local hardware store.

Additionally, I snatched up some E-6000 ~ the tough stuff ~ it'll hold anything together!

I put just a drop of E-6000 on the back of each magnet and then centered the magnet on the coin ~ allowing it ample time to dry.

These are simple to create and make for a great rainy day project you could get the kids involved with.  The variations on this little task are endless.  Items like; bottle caps, brooches, buttons, coins, pebbles, guitar picks, seashells, or whatever you fancy, can just as easily be made into magnets as well.  I just love the way these coins turned out ~ they provide so much diversity with their colors, shapes and sizes.    

I'm so glad I finally thought of a use for all those loose coins that have been rattling around in the drawer.  Not only have they become a functional item ~ they also remind me of various trips our family has taken over the years.  This was one of those instant gratification projects ~ it didn't require a lot of time ~ and I think the magnets turned out a lot more interesting than some I could have purchased (and they were cheaper to boot as well).  I'd love to hear of ways you might modify this project.  I hope you have a good week! :)