Twine and Scissors / DIY


After just getting over the flu (*Note To Self ~ FLU SHOT NEXT YEAR!), and going straight into a week at market, this sweet treat I found one evening on my porch was just what the doctor ordered.

The vintage spool, jute twine and darling pair of scissors is too charming to tuck away in a drawer or cupboard ~ it's taking up permanent residence on my desk so I can cut off a snippet of string when tying up a package.  To make one for yourself you will need:  

Supplies ~
Old Spool (Find it here)
Roll of Jute Twine (Find it here)
Small Pair of Scissors (Find it here)

Simply wind a roll of twine onto an old spool and tie a pair of scissors to the end.  Place the sharp point of the scissors in the hole on top of the spool to store the scissors.   

Thank you Sharon and Kelley for making my day.  Their thoughtful gesture was a reminder for me to take time and do something nice for someone today.  Happy Saturday ~ enjoy your weekend. 

XO ~ Dana