Jute Twine

Therapy Time

Just playing around today with simple things that make me happy.  After a full week of designing for other people, it's always therapeutic for me to come home and putts in my own space.  I thought it was time to change up my kitchen table so I poked around in my storage closet and grabbed this vintage amber bottle and twisted some jute twine around its neck. 

As luck had it, I recently stumbled across these cool dice at one of my favorite vintage stores in Austin, find it here.  I decided they would be perfect paired with the vintage bottle and tossed them next to it.

I'm using my favorite feed sack as a runner ~ read more about it here.

To finish it off, I plopped a cutting from a curly willow in the bottle with hopes of transplanting it someday.  That's all for today, I'm making a huge effort to take it easy the rest of this weekend.  I hope you get to have some chill time too!