Salvaged Wood

A Console Table / DIY

Today I'm posting about a console table I fashioned from a piece of salvaged wood.  I couldn't believe when I discovered, of all things, a remnant piece of boxcar flooring.  I found it months ago for $10 at an architectural salvage yard and thought someday I would figure out what to do with it.  After taking up valuable real estate in my shed, I finally tackled this simple DIY.  I know the family is thankful not to be tripping over it any longer ~ let's just say it was a topic of discussion more than once. :)

When I needed a furniture piece to hold the flat panel in my studio, I searched for something unusual but wasn't very excited about buying retail.  My choices were too pricey and then I remembered the boxcar flooring.  I know the likelihood of finding something random as this is slim, but I think the idea is worthy of sharing and is something you could adapt with other pieces of lumber you might locate or purchase.

Making the console was pretty simple.  After cleaning and sanding the piece of wood, I gave it a coat of water-based polyurethane.   

For the legs, I bought plumber's pipe at Home Depot and had them cut to the desired lengths.  Then I had the ends threaded so they could easily be screwed to the flanges.

Don't let this step frighten you away, the salespeople at Home Depot are always happy to help out.

I spaced out and measured where I wanted to position each flange.  I marked and pre-drilled the holes for the screws, then attached the flanges with the wood screws.  


Finally, I screwed the legs to the flanges on the bottom of the wood piece.  I also added additional flanges to the bottom of the poles to serve as feet.  

I love the texture of the boxcar flooring combined with the shiny metal legs.  I think the console would look awesome in any number of places ~ as an entry or hall table, or even a bench (if the legs were shortened).    

I also love it in my studio.  I may in time add cross supports between the legs, just because I think it would add some more interesting detail.  What do you think?  I would be happy to know your opinion.  I hope your Tuesday is wonderful!

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