Wine Bottle Candle Holders / DIY

I love simple and low cost decorating ideas.  Here's a super easy idea that gives you the best of both worlds.  I was needing an interesting centerpiece for an event.  I thought I would use wine bottles as candle holders for my table.

I've always loved the rich green color of the bottles and their silhouette shape.  Plus ~ they're pretty easy to come by.  I sent out a request for empty wine bottles and had more than I needed in no time.

To ready the bottles for the project, simply soak the bottles in sudsy water causing the label to loosen. You will need to scrub any remaining residue off with a scrubby sponge and/or a razor blade.

When it came to finding tapers for the wine bottles, I had no idea it would be so difficult.  I searched high and low for ones that would fit the mouths of the bottles but to no avail.  So, I tried shaving down the bottoms of standard tapers so they would fit the bottles correctly but it was time consuming and tedious.

Then out of frustration, I discovered I could just pop a taper in upside down (the smaller end pointed down into the bottle) and each taper would fit perfectly, no matter the size of the bottle.

By melting down the the top of the taper and exposing the wick (this is actually the bottom of the taper) my problem was solved.  

Be sure to do this over a protective surface since you are using a live flame.  I covered a cookie sheet in foil to make clean-up a breeze.

I lined up a whole menagerie of the bottles on my dining table and then used some zinc stenciled letters I had to spell out a sentiment ~ appropriately enough "Be Mine" since Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

The letters above are by Aiden Gray.  I was fortunate to find a whole bag of them at at thrift sale for next to nothing.  In their place you could easily use paper stencils tied on with string or round key tags.  Either could be customized with stamps or hand lettering to spell out a word or greeting.

Thanks for stopping by ~ I hope to see you again here soon.

:) Dana