Skeleton Keys ~ Lamp Redo

Whew!  Market's over and I'm finally catching my breath ~ a ton of fun but now on to the next thing.

I've missed spending time here and realized just how much I look forward to snapping pictures, sharing ideas and somehow trying to pull it all together with words ~ as clumsy as they sometimes may be.  Nevertheless, I've grown to appreciate just how much I enjoy landing here ~ it's a welcome reprieve from the norm.  Thank you for taking time to meet with me here.  

Today, I thought I would share a little something that's been on my mind for awhile.  This charming lamp came to me by way of my mom. You will notice in the photo above, the brown plastic cord is somewhat sad looking ~ I plan on changing it out to something a little more lady like soon.  

I noticed the glass collar right below the light bulb socket had 6 tiny holes around it.  At one time some crystals hung from the rim.

I had some crystals on hand that belonged to a light Nana once had.  I saved them hoping I would find a use for them some day.

I started to hang the crystals on the lamp ~ the obvious choice ~ but then remembered I had some old skeleton keys laying around... 

...and I thought "Why not?"

To attach the keys, I used wire and needle nose pliers... form little hooks to hang the skeleton keys onto the lamp.  I cut lengths of wire and curled the ends with the pliers to form a knot on one end.  Next, I inserted the wire through the hole ~ knot side up and then bent the opposite end of the wire with the pliers to form a hook for each key to dangle from.  Then I slipped the keys onto each hook and crimped the wire tight with the pliers to keep them from slipping off.

Pretty cool ~ huh?!

Now on to the lampshade.  The ruffly shade which came with the lamp originally was a bit girly for my liking.   

I remembered another lampshade I had on hand and decided to give it a try.  I think the leather whipstitch around the top and bottom of this 1950's shade helps make the ruggedness of the skeleton keys work. 

The unexpected union of the skeleton keys with the more masculine lampshade create a quirky lighting option ~ and it was an easy DIY project.  I think it will be hanging around for awhile.  Thanks for stopping by Tattered Style!  XO