Thrifted Chalkboard ~ "Feliz Navidad"

My mantra this year has been ~ "Simplicity" ~ which equals calm for me.  With only 12 days until Christmas, my real desire is to enjoy the holiday season.  Invariably, my "To Do" list continues to grow and I notice my "calm" slipping away.  I've found one way to keep the main thing, the main thing, is to keep my Christmas decor simple and uncomplicated.  

This brings me to a recent thrift store find.  A few weeks ago, Gavin and I were shopping for some ray gun gadgetry ~ when what to my wondering eyes did appear?  But an old vintage chalkboard and I let out a cheer (sorry ~ I couldn't help myself).  I'm pretty sure my enthusiasm stemmed from its eight dollar price tag.  Along with a bag full of ray gun paraphernalia, we loaded the chalkboard into our vehicle and headed home. 

Maybe I was feeling a little nostalgic the day I hung the chalkboard, as I decided to repeat the sounding joy over and over again.  I covered the entire chalkboard with the words, "Feliz Navidad."  When I was a little girl, I recall my mom playing Jose Feliciano's, "Feliz Navidad" (check it out here on YouTube) over and over again on the record player.  I loved my new artwork immediately ~ I think vintage board adds a funky and unexpected design element to the space.

I like it!

Underneath the chalkboard I sat up my Willow Tree nativity.  I love the clean lines, muted colors and simple form it offers.  The Christmas tree in the background was not originally in the plans and is still a work in progress.  I had no intention of putting up another tree after we had already put up the Ladder Christmas Tree.  But an event I hosted at my home necessitated a traditional tree ~ so, a couple of days ago, my hubby hurriedly helped me put this one up.   

Eventually, my plan is to paint the board with black chalkboard paint.  But right now ~ maybe because it's Christmastime ~ I'm enjoying the muted shade of green.  I hope you are able to step back from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season ~ long enough to bring some calm into your life.  Have a good week ~ Feliz Navidad!!  :)