Map Quest

Maps intrigue me ~ they remind me of all the wonderful places I've been and leave me longing for the opportunity to visit new places I've never been before.  Probably my favorite piece of "art" in my home is the vintage map that hangs in the sitting room.  The worn patina is like none I've ever seen before.  It's even been mended with some glossy tape that has yellowed over the years and is perfectly ~ imperfect. 

The quest for this wonderful old map took me to Canton (it was a simple install ~ I used common "L" brackets to mount it to the wall).  

I hung an old desk lamp over the map to stand in as a "map light."  Read more about it here.

It's hard to believe in a day when SMART Boards are the norm in most classrooms that pull down maps were once a standard piece of equipment in schools.  This map dates back to 1953.

In the neutral space, this vintage map adds just the right amount of color and creates a great focal point for the room.  I often plop down here and study the map on the wall and dream about traveling the world.  Where's a place you've never been before that you would like to travel to?  Hoping today is filled with good things for you and yours!