DIY ~ Dr. Pepper Crate Table

Beautiful weather in Texas and I've been feeling the urge to tackle another DIYer.  This time using some old Dr. Pepper crates I had laying around.  I've used them before as low shelving in my son's room when he was younger ~ but he kind of outgrew that idea.  Still a lover of Dr. Pepper ~ they needed to be put to some sort of use.  

This project required five crates ~ I found these a number years ago at a flea market ~ 5 For $20.

First, I stacked them on top of each other.  The top two were a wee bit smaller than the bottom ones ~  but no worries ~ this project is very forgiving.  

Secondly, I racked my brain to come up with a way to connect them all together.  I perused the aisles of the local hardware store until I found ~ duct hanger strap ~ it's used for hanging ductwork in attics.  It's very inexpensive ~ plus ~ it reminded me of the original metal on the crates that was used for reinforcement.   I measured the height of the crates, when they were stacked atop each other, to determine how long to cut the hanger strapping.  I cut four strips (two for each end) with tin snips. 

Next, I held the strapping in place and marked a couple of spots on each crate with a Sharpie.  I then pre-drilled the holes to prevent the wood from splitting.  Following, I screwed the strapping into place with small wood screws (shown above).  By attaching the crates together with the strap and screws (10 per strap), the crate base is quite stable.

Creating the table top was my next step for this DIY.  I used some scrap lumber I've been saving for a project like this.

I measured and cut the boards so that there would be a 1" overhang on all four sides.  *Ya think it's a little weird that I love the smell of freshly cut wood?

I sanded the boards with a sanding sponge, to prevent splinters, and then ran a thin bead of wood glue between each board. 

I clamped the boards together and allowed them to dry overnight.  Finally, I attached the top to the base by predrilling a hole in each of the four corners and screwed the two together using wood screws.

I think the salvaged wood top compliments the weathered Dr. Pepper crates perfectly!  What do you think?  I sealed the wood, using a matte finish sealer and to complete the project ~ I screwed four rubber bumpers on the bottom of the crate at each corner to protect the flooring.
And here's the finished project!  I snipped a few branches from a bush in the backyard ~ luckily the foliage matches the crates to a tee.  I'm loving this crate table and think it turned out pretty spectacular!

That's all for this DIY project ~ I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Also, thanks to my carpentry tutor ~ Frani ~ for all of  your helpful tips!