Life Board / DIY

As promised, I wanted to share with you something I've affectionately dubbed my magnetic "Life Board."  A few years ago I wanted to create an easy spot in my home to post photos and memorabilia.  My plan was to have a giant magnetic board ~ a place I could throw pictures on ~ an ever evolving record of our lives.  To accomplish this, I installed two sheets of galvanized metal in this little pass through hallway.  It provides a convenient landing place to feature treasured keepsakes.  In addition to holding photos, it also displays various notes, postcards and other miscellaneous objects. 

To begin with, I contacted a local metal manufacturing facility.  They offered sheets of metal similar to the ones pictured above.  I measured the area of the hallway wall and gave them the dimensions.  They cut the metal to perfectly fit the size of my space.  

For a small fee, I had the vendor wrap the edges* of the sheet metal (fold them over).  Otherwise, the material is sharp and difficult to handle.

I attached the sheet metal to the wall with sheet metal screws ~ albeit they were longer than the ones above.  Fortunately, I was able to hit the studs in the wall.  If I hadn't, I would have used anchors for added security. 

This space morphs from day to day.  It is always being added to and changing ~ following is a little sampling of some of the keepsakes: 

A vast majority of the board contains photos like these:  1. Gavin a.k.a. a "tiger" in Kindergarten ~ so cute.  2.  Buster's dog tag.  3.  Me, Nat and friends at Pike Place Market Gum Wall in Seattle ~ kind of gross but we had to do it.  4. Buster Dog ~ loved and missed.  5. A vintage Donald Duck key chain.  6. A treasured handwritten note from Reagan. ;)

It also holds some very meaningful remembrances:  1.  A poem Papa wrote for Nana entitled, "The Rose."  He had it printed up on a satin ribbon and gave them to all the family the last Christmas before he passed.  He had lovingly written on the envelope:  "When I first saw my 'wife to be,' at once I became a poet."  It still brings on the tears every time I read it.  2. A photo from a family gathering.  3. A postcard from a hotel we stayed at in Venice. 

Some more of the same:  1. A concert pass from a Sade concert I recently attended ~ a phenomenal concert.  2. Corbin and Reagan in younger years ~ I love those guys.  3. Nana, Reagan and Nate several years ago ~ it's still hard to believe she's gone.

And finally, one of my personal favorites:  A bowling score sheet ~ as the only female in the family, I bowled the best game.  I gloat a little here ~ only because that's probably the first and last time that will ever happen in my lifetime. :)

Although, there are a few special framed photos in and around the house ~ this giant magnetic board is the centralized focus for most of our pics.  This project was simple to do and was cost effective (it set me back less than $50.00) ~ and would be an easy weekend project.  Especially, when you have a long weekend coming up like Labor Day.  I hope you have an enjoyable one!