Lighten Up

I believe that a home is a living, breathing organism with life happening all throughout it.  That being said, this place I call home is always changing.  Although I'm sentimental about some things, I'm not attached to most and I find it relatively easy to let got of some belongings in order to bring in new additions from time to time.  Especially, when I happen upon a cool find or great sale, or better yet ~ the two combined together.  I made the mistake of going into Anthropologie the other day and spotted this little guy, lurking in the clearance room shadows.  I've had my eye on him for awhile now ~ surprisingly, he's been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for weeks.  I finally decided he needed a new home ~ mine! 
Up until now, I've had a smaller, nondescript thrift store lamp on this old dresser and it served the purpose nicely.  But I've been eyeing this oversized gooseneck lamp and I was so happy to still find it available (I think he sort of resembles the Pixar logo lamp ~ do you?).  The mirror was a flea market find for a mere $10.00.

Since this is my bedroom, I really prefer to keep this area as uncluttered as possible.  A space that offers up minimal doses of visual stimulation ~ and instead promotes a calm and restful atmosphere.  I did add one pop of interest with this black and white striped rug I found at Ikea.  If I recall correctly, it also only set me back $10.00.

A nice reprieve from the hectic pace of the world within which we live.  

The dresser belonged to Nat's family when he was a young boy ~ I cleaned it up and gave it a couple coats of creamy white paint. 

I opted to use only a 40 watt bulb in the lamp ~ it casts a nice soft glow to the room in the evening.  I realize this isn't the most expensive or opulent room, but for me ~ it's certainly peaceful and relaxing.  Just what the doctor ordered after a busy week like this one.  Here's hoping you have an enjoyable and restful weekend as well. :)

P.S.  Some exciting news!  Here's your chance to meet and greet Rachel Ashwell at a Blogger's Luncheon during the upcoming Round Top Antiques Fair.  My friend, Kelley, of The Hidden List along with Bud Royer of Royers Round Top Cafe, is helping host this event ~ please go here for all of the details.  It is limited to the first 35 people who register.  It's not to late to secure your spot ~ I hope to see you there!


Additionally, thank you to my sweet friend and graphic designer, Lindsey Sobolik, for designing the lovely invitation!