Sneak Peek

I made the mistake night before last when I told my friend, Rachael, that I was going to run in her house for just a minute.  We had enjoyed an evening at the Ranger game with family and friends and I was dropping her off at her house after the game was over.  She recently moved into a new space and I've been anxious to visit.  However, with both our crazy schedules and trips out of town I hadn't had the opportunity to run by.  It was late, but I had to pop in and sneak a peak ~ bad idea.  Our creativity went into high gear, and I think we finished up arranging and flip flopping furniture around 3:00 a.m.  

I love the above vignette that we placed in the large front window ~ unexpected but so cool. It's made up of two bases off of old birdbaths ~ topped with a salvaged board.  Rachael lucked into the oversized pear at a local thrift store.    
One day this large dining room will be fitted with a more generous table, but for now it's sporting a smaller vintage one.  We threw this old coffee bean bag across for some added texture and softness.  Some fresh foliage out of the yard adds a calming touch ~ and the best part ~ it was free.
One of the favorite features about this petite vintage table are the clumsily painted numbers on one end.  The old iron patio chairs are a perfect fit for the table.  They soon will be outfitted with new seats and coverings ~  I'm sure a reveal will be in order when they are complete. 

 This little bookend pays homage to Hank ~ Rachael's beloved Boxer.  It was a gift from her mom.    
 Sneak peak at Rachael's digs.  What a great place to start out the day in and be inspired ~ with lots of light and wide open views.  
Rachael's place wouldn't be complete without Hank ~ such a good boy!

Some design projects are more difficult than others but not this one ~ it was so easy because Rachael has collected so many great things over time.  She frequents thrift stores and rarely pays more than $10.00 for any of her great finds.  Even though we were pooped when it was all said and done, we were content with all our progress.  I'm so thankful to have a friend who has the same quirky passion for funky finds like I do.  I'm excited to share more pics of Rachael's place with you ~ be watching. :)