Clever Gifting

When I visit various antique stores, flea markets or thrift stores I try to make mental note of any upcoming special occasions that I may need to be buying for.  Gifting, for me, is an opportunity to search out something unique to convey my love or appreciation to the receiver. Presents don't have to be expensive to express a sentiment.  Some of the most treasured gifts I've received are ones that have very little monetary value ~ but indeed are some of the most meaningful.  And might I add ~ it doesn't hurt one little bit that I enjoy the adventure and challenge of finding that special something to give.  

A few months ago, when I was on an excursion to The Red Shed, I stumbled across these old metal plates with numbers on them.  They sparked some interest with me because the numbers represented Nate's birth date.  I snatched them up and tucked them away.  This past Sunday, I pulled them out and packaged them up as a small token of affection for my hubby on his birthday.

I also like to collect random little boxes or containers to package the gifts in.  This worn wooden box was gingerly decoupaged by someone many years ago.

I nestled the metal plates on a pile of crinkle cut shredded paper.  

The box itself was already wrapped in wonderful old paper.  So all I needed to add was some faded old seam binding I used as ribbon.  I then added a miniature shipping label ~ that serves as a gift tag. Through the years these little tags have been a mainstay for me ~ I use them to adorn any and everything.  Package complete! :)

Oh ~ and just to ease any concern, Nate was properly honored on his special day and it played out just as he had hoped.  He began the day enjoying a good cup of Joe while devouring every section of the newspaper ~ uninterrupted.  Golfing and lunch with some buddies was next on his agenda and finally we ended the day with a nice dinner at the restaurant of his choice.  He also appreciated the numbers ~ 26 ~ that I gave him.  They will most likely be used for paperweights or they may just sit on a shelf in his office.