A New Look for Tattered Style

Happy Friday!  You may have noticed Tattered Style has a new look ~  thanks to a wonderful graphic designer and friend of mine named Emma.  We've been collaborating on the new design for a few weeks now and I'm so thrilled with how it's all come to fruition.  I have to thank Emma for her patience with me and the many emails, phone calls and texts I inundated her with over the course of the weeks.
A little bit about Emma ~ she graduated from Oklahoma State with a degree in Graphic Design. And yes, while she's an unbelievably gifted graphic artist (and loves pretty things) she's also an amazing photographer and blogger ~ please make a visit over to Emmadime to see for yourself.  
Back to the bio ~ shortly after graduating college, Emma took a little break and moved to Paris for a year of inspiration and rejuvenation.  I can't think of a better getaway place ~ I love Paris!    
Here are a few pics from Emma's stay in Paris.  This is the home of a friend that Emma made a visit to one weekend.  These photos in particular are so beautiful to me and evoke the feel of tattered style.      

I love how this room is so undecorated ~ yet perfectly decorated.  Can you believe the size and character of that fireplace?  

 The dining table ~ I love the quirky seats.  

The dining table before breakfast ~ note the fresh, assortment of breads and tea.

 The dining table after breakfast ~ croissants devoured ~ sigh ~

Okay ~ enough daydreaming already!  After Emma's return home from Paris, she dove headfirst into the world of freelance graphic design and she's been busy ever since.

Not only does Emma freelance as a graphic designer, she is also one more amazing knitter.  You must check out Emmadime Knitted to see all of her knitted goodness!  

Wait ~ if you thought I was finished with all the many things Emma keeps herself busy with ~ not yet.  She also works for Rue Magazine ~ a wonderful online design magazine.  Please take a moment to peruse its pages if you haven't had the chance.  It's a feast of beautiful eye candy.  

For now, my time working with Emma has come and gone but I'm sure our paths will cross again someday.  Here is a sampling of some things Emma created for Tattered Style ~


I love my business cards.  They resemble the British bus roll I have hanging above my fireplace.  I'm also having the card printed up in the reverse design, with a black background and white lettering. The stamp is so much fun to use for stamping shipping tags (which I'll be using as business cards as well). 

Thank you Emma for all of your "heart' work and dedication on my project.  You are an amazingly gifted artist and I know your future will continue to be bright.  I'm happy to call you my friend ~ smile.