Keepsakes & Thrift Store Finds

Thrift store shopping is always an adventure for me.  Some of my favorite things have been rescued from CCA, a local stop.  I pop in as frequently as possible to see what goodies might lie in wait of rescuing.  I usually find something that has great potential if just given a second chance.

I lucked into this antique door on one of my excursions ~ it's off an old wardrobe.  I was attracted to its handle and the keyhole hardware and, after further inspection, I also discovered a mirrored door on the flip-side.  It cost a mere $18.00 ~ so there was no debate about it coming home with me.     

It leans against the wall in a corner of my bedroom ~  adorned with several sentimental family heirlooms.

The gown was Nathanael's when he was a baby ~ hand-stitched by Nana before he was born.  Nat's sister, Datha, told me their mom was bed fast due to to complications during her pregnancy and she spent weeks constructing this delicate little garment for Nat.  Datha recalled coming in from play and pouncing on the bed to chat ~ Nana would tell her to be careful so she wouldn't soil the little gown that she was making for their new baby.

I love the intricacy of all the little tucks and pleats.  There's no way you can put a price tag on something like this that Nana so lovingly created.

~ Vintage chains and necklaces ~

The cameo belonged to Nat's Aunt Jewel ~ it's one of my favorites ~ I wear it often ~ layering it with  other vintage necklaces.

Aunt Jewel's husband ~ Uncle Doyle ~ a black and white photo of him as a young man remains intact inside the cameo.

A vintage skeleton key strung on an antique chain.

The glass lamp ~ yet another CCA find ~ scooped up for a couple of bucks.  I dressed it up with a new linen shade.  A cozy little corner of my bedroom ~ made special with family keepsakes and some humble thrift store finds = instant gratification. :)

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