Vintage Classroom Door ~ School Daze

Vintage classroom doors like this one conjure up images in my head of years spent in elementary school.  It seems like a lifetime ago and then again it seems like only yesterday. The sights and sounds and smells of William B. Travis Elementary come flooding back to me ~ an era of time when life seemed slower and so less complicated.  

Originally the adjoining room to our kitchen was the den/family room and there wasn't a partition between the two.  When the boys were younger they would have sleepovers and would always end up camping out in the den.  Nat and I would usually wake up early ~ and the caffeine would be calling our name (mine was of the hot chocolate variety).  We would tippy-toe around the kitchen, hoping not to wake the kiddos ~ and selfishly hoping to have a few quiet minutes before the hungry brood would awaken.  Invariably, we would clink something together and our moments of solitude were no more.


We finally decided we needed to install some type of partition for a little privacy ~ but we wanted something that wouldn't completely block the room off.  We toyed around with many options.  My first choice, a pocket door, was going to run $1000.00 ~ we decided to look further.  That's where the vintage door enters the picture.  One day I was treasure seeking and came across this wonderful old classroom door at Lots of Furniture.  It was love at first sight and it only set me back $45.00 ~ a sweet deal!  

My hubby and I installed the door using a barn door track system that we purchased from Elliott's Hardware.  The guys there are always so helpful in assisting with projects.  

I also attached an inexpensive garage door handle to the door (I didn't bother to patch the holes from the previous handle ~ I think they add character).

My favorite features:  1. The original room number ~ Room 316 (my elementary school had only one floor, I'm supposing this one had three :) AND ~ 2. The wire mesh glass.  

The room adjacent to the kitchen is no longer our den/family room ~ I have a habit of flip-flopping rooms, so now it's our dining room.  And though this room probably won't see anymore sleepovers, I left the classroom door intact.  It fits the space so perfectly and I couldn't bear to take it down.  Besides, periodically it causes me to reminisce about those school daze gone by ~ smile.

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