A Cozy Space

As much inclimate weather as we've been having in Texas the last few days, the more and more I long to retreat in my little home.  And there's nothing better on a rainy day, than to cozy up with a good book in your favorite easy chair.  This is one of the most desirable chairs in our home and has been a faithful companion for many years ~ indeed, it has more than it's share of wear and tear to prove it.  Hopefully, someday soon, I will take captive some time and will sew it a lovely new slipcover.  For now, it is content to sport a vintage bedspread that I picked up at a local thrift store.  I tossed the spread over the chair and gingerly tucked it in like you would a child you were putting to bed.  Probably the chair's most endearing feature is it's roominess ~ there's adequate space for me to curl up and fold my feet underneath me. 

This inviting resting spot has long been in need of a good reading lamp to accompany it.  I really wanted to locate something that had a measure of character to it.  I finally discovered this old industrial floor light ~ although uncertain of it's original purpose, I knew he was destined to come home with me.   

He seemed quite lost and alone at a flea market I recently visited.  Obviously overlooked, I was happy to rescue him from his flea market plight and told him he needn't feel so insecure and unimportant any longer.  All it took to bring him up to speed was a little soap and water and some new wiring.  Thanks to my hubby, who took some time to help me out with this little project ~ together we performed electrical surgery (it was really quite simple ~ not nearly as daunting a task as it sounds). 

Besides an adequate reading light, what would any decent and self-respecting easy chair be without a good read?  My current escape is ~  Pale and Interesting by Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote.  It has wonderful images and photography ~ I lose myself in it's pages.  

As much as I have longed to cozy up these last few days, life has had a way of interrupting my idyllic scenario ~ no worries ~ it's a nice way to end the day as well.